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This is my first blog post, but I seem to be hitting my head against a stone wall! I’m a committed do-it-yourself kid and have been trying to set up my website for ages. As soon as I get stuck I revert to sending out my newsletters. I’ll keep trying—such is my nerve-wracking determination! Some of my efforts have been lost in Hostgator’s deep folds—I’ve already lost one draft! But  I’m not going to let it get the better of me! I’m holding thumbs that this blog won’t get deleted.

We’re nearing the end of 2014—hard to believe how quickly time seems to pass now. Is it because we’re all getting older and are more aware of it? When we were fifteen we couldn’t wait for another minute to pass so we could be old enough to do whatever we thought would be more exciting. We added months to our short lives, saying, “I’m nearly sixteen.” Now you’re lucky if you’ll get the truth out of a nearly-seventy-year-old soul.

Many exciting events took place this past year. In my usual serendipity way, I became, overnight, a  theater and event reviewer for LA Splash Magazine Worldwide. I wrote one review after another—I was possessed for a while, learning the ropes and trying to fine-hone my posts. I saw many great shows and made several new friends. My motto has proven over and over to be true—just show up, and you never know what can happen!

Sadly, I also lost my 98-yer-old mom in Israel. She was one of a kind, and taught yoga until around age ninety-five. She was also a super visual artist. I snapped these photos of her in 2010.

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I too am a visual artist, and when I get my website running smoothly I’ll post my own photos. In the meantime, here’s a little taste of my painting style, inspired by a period when I was involved with my time-share management job in London and Mykonos, Greece.

IMG_0016 IMG_0017

I had many speaking and book signing events this past year and am so blessed to have had the opportunity to share my story and book with so many people. It’s been doing really well, and I developed Keynote presentations for both my Shanghai story, and also for appearances on panels about self-publishing, and am so proud of myself for staying pretty much up-to-date with the tech world.

I was in a concert at One Generation Enrichment Center, and am posting some photos to show there’s life after sixty—some of our dancers are 90+! Never give up. It was just fun, fun, fun!



Well, I guess this experiment was worth the time and effort, now all that remains is to see whether I can post it successfully. Oh, but wait, there’s more.

Happy holidays and a healthy, happy New Year to everyone. I hope 2015 will bring some peace to our world.

Sending good thoughts and smiles.

Here are links to my LASplash reviews,

And to my book, just discounted my Kindle edition, effective immediately, to $3.99, for one week only, until January 01, 2015.

23 thoughts on “Ester’s Writinglife

  1. Yvonne Hertzberger

    Hi Ester. It works but I think there is an easier way to find how to post a comment. Keep working at it. I’m sure you’ll figure it all out. I always look for a way to follow by e-mail and miss some blogs because they don’t have that feature. Something to think about on another day. One step at a time. I had to have someone else set all mine up for me as I simply don’t have the aptitude to do it myself so I understand the struggle. Happy holidays.

    1. Ester Shifren

      Thanks Yvonne. I’ll keep at it. So bucked that I set up the whole thing myself, but obviously missed some important points! I’ll do more on it tomorrow and will catch up with everyone as well. Charles said there’s no subscribe button. I don’t know where to find that—searched in vain, but will find a way tomorrow. I really appreciate your help and comments more than you know. Have a blessed 2015.

    2. Ester Shifren Post author

      Thanks Yvonne, so grateful to you. I’m working at it all the time and it’s falling into place slowly , thanks to all the advice and help from you, Charles, KS and others. and the encouragement and favorable comments.

    3. Dick Germain

      Congratulations. It is amazing what you are accomplishing but not surprising. Those of us born in Shanghai are “different” to others. It was a spirit born into us – we dont give up.

      Looking forward to reading your next book!!!!!!!!! With Israel and South Africa, USA must seem very quiet

      All the best and a Happy New Year.

      1. Ester Shifren Post author

        Thanks so much Dick. How super to hear from you. Yes, we are indeed “different,” and always in a good way, I hope!
        Love to you all and hope you have a happy, healthy New Year.

    1. Kathy Steinemann

      It would probably be a good idea to leave comments so that you have to pre-approve them before they appear. That cuts down on spam.

      Dashboard ==> Settings ==> Discussion ==> Before a comment appears *Comment must be manually approved

  2. Antone Fedie

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  3. Gil & Elaine Skopp

    Congratulations on building your blog! We believe that your determination, enthusiasm and “drive” is the secret for your success… and your pursuits are many.
    Best wishes,
    Gil & Elaine

  4. Mercedes Pflanz

    Articles with informative content material like yours are a breath of fresh air. I thoroughly enjoyed every thought you produced within your material. I am with you on your original views and special content material. Thank you.

  5. Nelson Gilman

    Congratulations, Ester, on starting your blog and best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.


    1. Nelson Gilman

      Congratulations, Ester, on starting your blog and best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

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